International Journal of Pure and Applied Logic,

Linguistics and Philosophy



Autorizzazione del Tribunale Civile di Roma n° 218/2015 del 28 dicembre 2015

Periodicità: Semestrale

Direzione e redazione: Piazza Albania 6 - 00153 ROMA

Direttore responsabile: Michele Bonaventura Malatesta

Redattore capo: Arturo Graziano Grappone; Co-redattore capo: Paola Pardi


Comitato di redazione: Claudio Animato, Lorenzo Fiorito, Giuseppe Ortosecco, Mario Santoro.









METALOGICON, is a half-yearly interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary Journal. It does not follow financial but only scientific aims. Therefore it is not saleable, but available on an exchange basis. Requests for information, notices and exchanges should be sent to:

MICHELE MALATESTA, Piazza Albania, 6 - 00153 ROMA – ITALY.




METALOGICON è una rivista semestrale interdisciplinare e transdisciplinare. Essa non persegue fina­lità economiche ma esclusivamente scientifiche. Pertanto non è in vendita ed è ottenibile me­diante cambi. Tutta la corrispondenza e i cambi vanno inviati a

MICHELE MALATESTA, Piazza Albania, 6 - 00153 ROMA.




This magazine is a new series of



Rivista internazionale di logica pura e applicata,

di linguistica e di filosofia


founded in the year 1988 by



professor of Heat Engines, Department of Engineering,

Napoli Federico II University,


and by



professor of Logic (from 1975 till 2009), Department of Philosophy,

Napoli Federico II University.


directed by



Board of Directors of The International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, Tecumseh (Canada)





professor of Political Philosophy at LUMSA, Rome







VIKTOR H. ADAMKIEWICZ, Gdansk Tech. Univ. (Poland); GREG ANDONIAN, Carleton Univ. (Canada); DARIO ANTISERI, LUISS, Roma (Italy); MASSIMO BALDINI†, LUISS Roma (Italy); GIUSEPPE BALIDO, Pont. Theol. Faculty of Naples (Italy); CARLES B. BALOGH, Portland State Univ. (USA); MARIA E. BALOGH, Portland State Univ. (USA); LOUIS BENGIONI, Univ. of Lille (France); JORGE CARRERA BOLANOS, Mexico Nat. Univ. (Mexico); JERRY CHANDLER, George Mason Univ. (USA); NINO B. COCCHIARELLA, Indiana Univ., Bloomington (USA); JEAN ALPHONSE DOUCET, Haute Ecole Rennequin Sualem, Liège (Belgium); DANIEL M. DUBOIS, Dir. of Centre of Hyperincursive and Anticip. in Ord. Syst., Univ. of Liège (Belgium); GEORGE FARRE, Georgetown Univ., Washington D.C. (USA); VLADIMIR A. FOMICHOV, K. E. Tsiolkovsky, Russ. State Tech. Univ. Moskow (Russia); HUGH GASH, Dublin City Univ. (EIRE); DIETER GERNERT, Tech. Univ. of München (Germany); WILLIAM GRAHAM, Univ. of Toronto (Canada); KENSEI HIWAKI, Tokyo Int. Univ. (Japan); AKIRA ISHIKAWA, Aoyama Gakuin Univ., Tokyo (Japan); PERE JULIÀ, Spanish Counc. For Sc. Res., Palma de Mallorca (Spain); EUGENE KINDLER, Charles Univ. Praha (Czec Republic); MIROLJUB KLJAJIC, Univ. of Maribor (Slovenia); YOUICHI KOBUCHI, Ryukoku Univ. Seta (Japan); KARL W. KRATKY, Wien Univ. (Austria); CARLA LA GRECA, form. resear., Univ. of Naples Federico II (Italy);  FELIPE LARA ROSSANO, Nat. Univ. of Mexico, Mexico City (Mexico); GEORGE E. LASKER, President of the Int. Inst. for Adv. Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, Univ. of Windsor (Canada); LOET LEYDESDORFF, former prof., Univ. of Amsterdam, (The Netherlands); AUSONIO MARRAS, Univ. of Western Ontario, London (Canada); ION I. MIRITÀ, former prof. Petrosani Univ. (Romania); ALEXANDRU MURGU, Univ. of Cape Town (South Africa): DENIS MURPHY, Concordia Univ. Montreal (Canada); COSTANZA NAVARRETTA, Univ. of Copenhagen (Denmark); MODESTINO NUZZETTI, High School P. Virgilio Marone, Avellino (Italy); TARKKO OKSALA, Helsinki Univ. of Technol. (Finland); MARIAN W. ORLOWSKI, Queensland Univ. of Technol., Brisbane (Australia); ROCCO PITITTO, Univ. of Naples Federico II (Italy); EMIL POP, Rector of Petrosani Univ. (Romania); SALVATORE PRINCIPE, Philos. Instit. S. Cuore, Campobasso (Italy); CHARLES RATTRAY, Univ. of Stirling (Scotland); EMANUELE RIVERSO†, Salerno Univ. (Italy); OTTO RÖSSLER, Tübingen Univ. (Germany); WINFRIED K. RUDLOFF, Governors State Univ., Univ. Park, IL (USA); JOHN R. SEARLE, Univ. of California, Berkeley (USA); HOWARD R. SMITH, Univ. of Georgia, Athens (USA); PETER F. STRAWSON†, Univ. College, Oxford (England); ENZO TIEZZI†, Siena Univ. (Italy); GIUSEPPE TORTORA, form. prof. Naples Federico II Univ. (Italy); GIOVANNI TURCO, Univ. of Udine (Italy); ANNATERESA TYMIENIECKA†, President of The World Inst. for Adv. Phenomenological Research and Learning, Belmont (USA); PETR VYSOKY, Czech Tech. Univ., Praha (Czech Republic); ROSEMARY WALL, FAO, Roma (Italy); ALEXANDER ZGRZYWA, Wroclaw Tech. Univ.(Poland).




Metalogicon has been founded in 1988 by CARLO D'AMELIO (professor of thermal machinery and director of the department of machinery in the Federico II University of Naples) and by MICHELE MALATESTA (professor of Logic in the Philosophy and Literature faculty of the Federico II University of Naples). The two scholars, following several participations to the Logic section of theInternational Conference on System research, Informatics and Cybernetics, felt in need to create an international, interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary journal which would bring into focus and extend knowledge at least some of the important themes debated during the course of the sessions themselves. 
METALOGICON is an half-yearly review of pure and applied logic, linguistics and philosophy. It has a scientific-humanistic footprint, and is appealed to an international scientific community: for this reason has chosen English as mother tongue. Many scholars all over the world have contributed to the journal across the years: it is appreciated both nationally and internationally.
That the intended aim has been achieved can be seen from the requests of interchange: these range from libraries and national academies to prestigious reviews, from both secular and catholic universities, from jewish and muslim sources and from mathematics departmentes to those of philosophy, linguistics and theology. 
This website is the digital version of a journal first published twenty years ago: it has never and never will pursue economic aims, but scientific ones only. For this reason it is not for sale and can be obtained only by exchanges: such the need to  put it on the world wide web, following the pursuit of granting it a better availability to those could be interested in. 



Metalogicon have obtained the approval of the Court of Naples in 1988, and since 1998 has been printed in Rome.